The chosen name, ‘Council for a Democratic Fiji’ (CFDF), accurately represents its task.

As opposition to the military administration in Fiji becomes more aggressive it is vital that an organisation be established to coordinate the efforts of the wide variety of organisations actively working towards a return to democratic rule, and to effectuate a peaceful transition to a democratically elected Government.

The CFDF has three main tasks:

  1. To promote a legal and constitutional return to democracy for Fiji;
  2. To reassure the people of Fiji that there is a responsible organisation ensuring that the return to democracy will occur with minimum disruption; and
  3. To provide support, guidance and information to those organisations and groups on the ground in Fiji actively working towards a return to democracy.

The CFDF is an independent organisation comprising representatives of identified major stakeholders in a democratic Fiji and other eminent people and interested parties. The CFDF aims to take responsibility for effectuating a peaceful transition to an Interim Administration in accordance with the 2009 High Court of Appeals Ruling (’09 ACR), which would then hold elections in accordance with the 1997 Constitution – the last Constitution established by a democratic Government in Fiji.

Questions or Requests?

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